29 Nov 2011

PolyOne introduces Withstand™ Antimicrobial Technology


PolyOne introduces Withstand™ Antimicrobial Technology to “combat surface microbe formation and growth”. How is this useful? Withstand™ can be applied to the plastics in devices and cables moldings to reduce microbial and fungal growth.

Here’s an excerpt from PolyOne’s website as well as the list of possible polymers that Withstand™ can be applied to.

WithStand™ Antimicrobial Technology includes both organic and inorganic EPA-approved antimicrobial additives. PolyOne’s expertise in compounding and healthcare enables us to work with leading antimicrobial suppliers in the industry to provide our customers with a range of antimicrobial solutions that can be suitable for many applications. PolyOne can assist in testing, claims, development, and product support expertise and advice.

This technology can be applied to a wide variety of polymers, including:
• Olefins (polypropylene, polyethylenes)
• Polycarbonate
• Polystyrene
• Acetal

photo- candidhealth.com