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What is proprietary?

Let me first start with a definition of proprietary taken from A proprietary product is “manufactured and sold only by the owner of the patent, formula, brand name, or trademark associated with the product.” So in simple terms, it means that you can only get that specific product from that company or manufacturer.

Now that we know what proprietary means, let’s see how we can apply it to connectors and why you would make a cable’s connector proprietary. Read More.

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Are Your Components Cutting Into Your Profits?

“Why does it seem that every time we buy a cable the price goes up?” A common question we hear asked by purchasing managers. It’s most likely because 1 or more of the components used to make your cables have gone up in price. One component can change your cable cost by $3-5 alone.

Component prices increase for only a few reasons.

1) This happens when the material availability is limited to due to supply or demand.
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