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Over molding circuit boards compared to installing in a custom enclosure

Circuit boards are relatively fragile and most circuit boards have some type of protection. Cables with a circuit board will tend to be over molded versus using a case. Over molding uses softer materials that patients prefer over cases and their hardness. When a cable or circuit board is over molded, it helps make it more tamper resistant. There are no screws to pull out or put in, which also can reduce labor costs.Read More.

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PolyOne introduces Withstand™ Antimicrobial Technology

WithStand™ Antimicrobial Technology includes both organic and inorganic EPA-approved antimicrobial additives. PolyOne’s expertise in compounding and healthcare enables us to work with leading antimicrobial suppliers in the industry to provide our customers with a range of antimicrobial solutions that can be suitable for many applications. PolyOne can assist in testing, claims, development, and product support expertise and advice. Read More.

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R and D- Connectors

It’s not easy to always be thinking about the bottom dollar while you are designing a machine, part, or product for that matter. You have deadlines, pressure from your boss, pressure from your customer and from others working on the project.

One of the most over-looked areas in which you can save some money is talking to the companies that will actually be building or assembling your product. I can think of quite a few times where a company could have saved someone money and time if they had consulted the manufacturer before finalizing their cables. Read More.

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