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Over molding circuit boards compared to installing in a custom enclosure

Circuit boards are relatively fragile and most circuit boards have some type of protection. Cables with a circuit board will tend to be over molded versus using a case. Over molding uses softer materials that patients prefer over cases and their hardness. When a cable or circuit board is over molded, it helps make it more tamper resistant. There are no screws to pull out or put in, which also can reduce labor costs.Read More.

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What is a custom cable?

When it comes to the terms “custom cable”, our definition of custom cable is “Any alteration to a cable that has specific benefits to you or your clients.”

Their are 3 main reason to why a business would choose to use a custom cable. Read more.

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Timing is everything when it comes to shipping

2 simple ways to reduce your shipping and freight charges.

1) Combine shipments when possible, instead of shipping separately. Our study has shown that you can save as much as 20% on shipping when you combine 2 packages into 1. Instead of 2 boxes at 10lb each, have your supplier ship 1 box at 20lb. Some suppliers ship separately to make it easier for your company to keep track of what’s coming in, but this can cost you more in the mean time. Try to have multiple products ship at the same time. Read More.

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