30 Aug 2011

R and D- Connectors


It’s not easy to always be thinking about the bottom dollar while you are designing a machine, part, or product for that matter. You have deadlines, pressure from your boss, pressure from your customer and from others working on the project.

One of the most over-looked areas in which you can save some money is talking to the companies that will actually be building or assembling your product. I can think of quite a few times where a company could have saved someone money and time if they had consulted the manufacturer before finalizing their cables. For example, I knew a company that decided on a connector that was to go in the machine without designing the cable that mated with the machine. Later, they found that the mating connector on the cable was going to be costing them more for the cable than they had anticipated.

Another thing I would do if I was designing a cable, would be to figure out where your connectors are made. Are they made here in the USA? China? Mexico? And how long have they been around, or at the very least, are there new connectors that have replaced the one you were looking at using. This may be one of the more over-looked problems you may encounter as well. You create this device and build it around a connector, only to find out that the connector you are using in your case has become obsolete. You have to change not only the connector inside the device, but the cable that connects to it, and possibly the case now too because the next connector you choose won’t fit anywhere else!

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