05 Dec 2011

What is a custom cable?


When it comes to the terms “custom cable”, our definition of custom cable is “Any alteration to a cable that has specific benefits to you or your clients.”

Their are 3 main reason to why a business would choose to use a custom cable.

1. The biggest reason is that it is proprietary. You want a cable that will only work for your device, is hard to copy, and possibly lets them know who makes the device.

2. Length. Some companies aren’t aware that they over pay for certain cables when the cable is 2-10 times longer than what they really need. That extra length can cause them to wrap the cable around other objects to get to the desired (shorter) length. Shorten the cable, save money and create a safer workplace for the end user.

3. Color can be used to represent your company. It can help the user of the cable identify what cable goes with what device, there is nothing more frustrating than having 15 black cables and 15 black devices.