15 Nov 2011

What is proprietary?


Let me first start with a definition of proprietary taken from dictionary.com. A proprietary product is “manufactured and sold only by the owner of the patent, formula, brand name, or trademark associated with the product.”  So in simple terms, it means that you can only get that specific product from that company or manufacturer.

Now that we know what proprietary means, let’s see how we can apply it to connectors and why you would make a cable’s connector proprietary.

Proprietary connectors creates Vendor Lock-in, this is helpful to a company for a few reasons. The first is that they can control how much the cable is sold for. The second is your company will retain all of the profits for your particular products by including the cable. It should be noted that because the cables are custom designed and spec. they will need to be built in advance to keep wait times down or non-existent for your customers.

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